16 Pieces Piercing Tool Kit

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These professional quality surgical steel instruments can be sterilized in an autoclave and delivered in their zip case 40cm long, 20cm wide and 3cm thick once closed.

This complete kit allows the practice of navel piercing, tongue piercing, septum piercing, all cartilage piercings, lobe piercing, arch piercing, genital piercings, etc… Don’t forget our sterile American needles in different sizes. Surgical steel Unique size Autoclave sterilization possible Care of piercing jewelry

Complete professional kit of 16 piercing pliers including:

  • Large Ring Opening Pliers
  • Small Ring Opening Plier
  • Large Ring Closing Pliers
  • Small Ring Closing Pliers
  • Sponge Forceps
  • Sponge Forceps with Slotted
  • Mini Sponge Forceps
  • Mini Sponge Forceps with Slotted
  • Pennington Forceps
  • Pennington Forceps with Slotted
  • Mini Pennington Forceps
  • Mini Pennington Forceps with Slotted
  • Septum Forceps
  • Heamostatic Forceps
  • Reverse Pennington
  • Ball Holder Tweezers


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