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We strive for perfection in everything we do. To live up to your high expectations we strive for perfection in every step: a perfect production process, a perfect delivery and perfect service to you as our customer.


From last 20 years TRIUNE has been providing the large variety of Products. Our inventory consists of so many of styles, colours, and designs products. We take pride in knowing that our selection is unmatched and that we carry the biggest selection of Body Jewelry Tools, Surgical and Dental Instruments in High Grade Surgical Steel material.


At Triune, there is an inherited passion for what we do. We develop and market many different products and they all have one common denominator: their purpose is to simplify and add value, both for you as a surgeon and for your patients.


You and your clients can always rely on our products and on us as a company to fulfill our promises. Everyone at Triune are personally accountable for the quality of their work and part of our company culture is that we are honest and open, both when communication internally, and with you, our customer

Body Jewelry


Featured Categories

  • Stretching Insertion Pin
  • PTFE Tools
  • Dermal Anchor Tools
  • Grips - Stainless Steel
  • Ring Closing Pliers

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