Bead Holding Tweezers Angled Tip

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Precision piercing ball pliers – No more big or slippery fingers! The Precision Ball Pliers is the ideal tool for placing piercing balls, even very small ones (2.5mm), on rings, bars, labrets… The Ball Clamp does not make it possible to strongly clamp the elements but to place them with precision. The clamp allows you to hold the ball without having to tighten with your fingers and therefore allows greater precision in placement.

The beak is curved for more precise access and the jaws are bored for excellent ball retention. Ideal for very difficult to reach places such as the inside of the tragus, the rook, the daith, etc.

Use: leave the ball slightly screwed on the bar, pinch the ball and use the tool as a screwdriver. Once unscrewed, the ball will stay more easily in the axis and will allow you an easy rest. The two hollows in the jaw of the pliers allow a very good maintenance of the balls of piercings.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Unique Angled Tip with lock
  • Care of piercing jewelry
  •  Total length 16cm.


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