Bucket Tragus Ear Piercing Forceps

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These stainless steel ideal forceps for placing micro dermal, great tool for tight places of ear piercing, for end is closed off mean when you pierce there is no chance to prick yourself, needle hits the bucket wall.

If you are a professional piercer, you must have these great bucket forceps with a practical design to pierce the tragus.

This tool has a length of 6″  (15.2 cm) and a hole of 1/8″ (3 mm).

This model has a 3-step locking mechanism.

Safely perform tragus and other tight cartilage piercings with these bucket end tragus forceps. These forceps measure 6″ long and are made of stainless steel. They are able to clear piercing needles up to a 12g. The bucket end of the forceps is closed off, which causes the piercing needle tip to strike the bucket wall, preventing it from pricking you during procedures.


  • Material: Body safe , non-porous, rust free, Stainless Steel
  • Forceps Length: 6”
  • Clears piercing needles up to 12g (~2mm)
  • Bucket is closed off; prevents needle from pricking the piercer
  • Great for tragus and other cartilage piercings


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