Colossal Ring Opening Pliers

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Colossal Ring Opening Pliers are used to gently close ball closure rings, bar closure rings, smooth segment rings and other similar items around their captive ball or bar. This is required when a ring may have been stretched out too far or bent out of shape.

Ring closing pliers should be used as delicately as possible; try not to exert more than the necessary leverage to clasp the captive ball in the jaws of the ring

These pliers are incredibly specialized and are used professionally, for those really heavy gauge ball closure rings that just wonât budge! If you are a serious piercing connoisseur, these jewellery pliers may just be the thing for you.

High precision pliers so that you can easily open larger gauge rings (up to 8mm ring thickness).

The pliers are marked in 2mm increments from 10mm to 30mm and are adjusted with an allen key (which is included) to set the required internal diameter of the ring.


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