Dermal Anchor Tube Hemostat

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If you have a dermal piercing, you may know how to unscrew the top part from the anchor base under the skin. But if you have ever tried it, you also know how hard it is, because it’s small and stuck in your body.

With these pliers, you will be able to hold the disc and screw the top part of your dermals in and out. These pliers have a small gap on their end, so you will be able to grip the top part of your dermal in comfort. It’s perfect for standard measurements, from 1/8″ to 1/4″ (3 mm to 5 mm). The design will let you grab the top part and leave it again.

  • Great for holding dermal top (disc and ball types) firmly for placement.
  • Choose from 3 different sizes for your dermal tops.
  • Length: 4.75″
  • Available in 3 Sizes: 3mm , 4mm , 5mm
  • High Quality Essential Tool for your piercing needs
  • Material:  Stainless Steel


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