Petri Dish with LID



Petridish with a lid that is used in laboratories, especially for growing cultures Made from stainless steel high grade non-magnet. This ensures that these equipment are entirely safe, rust free and hygienic to perform sterilization process. They can be use for various hospitals and clinics.

Not only is stainless steel a cost-effective alternative, it is also safer for the environment considering that it’s one of the most recyclable materials used in healthcare.

  • Stringent quality system
  • Stainless Steel
  • Superior craftsmanship and finish
  • Seamless construction


  • Size 90 Ø x17 mm
  • Size 60 Ø x 20 mm
  • Size 75 Ø x 20 mm
  • Size 90 Ø x 20 mm
  •  Size 100 Ø x 20 mm


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