Small Ring Closing Pliers

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People both love and hate the ball closure ring; mostly because despite its popularity and awesome design, it can also be a pain trying to open and close it.  The balls in a ball closure ring are held in place due to immense pressure, because we obviously don’t want it falling out every time it moves.

Our ball closure ring pliers are a handy alternative to this struggle. The small crevices at the top of the pliers are for placing around the ball closure ring. You can find instructions on how to use them below. These professional style pliers are suitable for any ball closure and segment rings up to 12 mm in length.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Great for closing ring size of 1/2″ and smaller.
  • Grooved head for firmer grip.
  • Length: 5″
  • Surface: Polish Finish


These handy pliers will help to close the ball closure ring so it is held firmly in place. These pliers have a vice like head for clamping, with a small indent for smaller rings. Simple open the pliers head using the handles until it is open wide enough to fit your ball opened ball closure ring in.

Place the bead of the ball closure ring between the gaps in the ring, with the beads groves in line with the edges of the ring itself. With the ball in place, squeeze the pliers hard to ensure the ball is captured firmly in place, and fully closed.


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