4-in-1 Nose Ring Cutting Pliers for Custom Body Jewelry

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These Stainless Steel are perfect to custom make nostril jewelry, use this tool to cut small wire (18g, 20g nostril fishtails).

Bending the perfect nostril jewelry for your customer? If the fishtail is to long, these are perfect to cut off just what you need to.

You will need to file the ends down and polish off the cut once made. Or if you do not need to cut, the needle nose ends come in handy when in a tight spot

4 in 1 Pliers – Round Nose Pliers – Loop Close Flatten Cut – Four in One Pliers – Wire Cutters – Jump Ring Pliers



  • With these heavy-duty pliers, you can loop, cut, and flatten almost any jewelry pieces.
  • The tool has a rounded needle-nose design, cutter, flattener, and jump-ring shaping tool.
  • This plier tool features an ergonomic handle, making it easy to work with wires.
  • These pliers feature lap-joint and double-leaf springs to help prevent hand cramps.
  • Whether beading is a hobby or your profession, this 4-in-1 tool will help!
  • Size:6”
  • Material: Stainless Steel


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