Micro Flush Wire Cutter

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This Black Cutting Tool has sharp jaws that are perfect for snipping jewellery chain and softer beading wire (non-coated and metal) to size. Use it on jewellery findings such as eyepins and head pins to snip off any excess, leaving you with a nice neat finish.

This cutting tool will slice through cord more neatly than scissors and is angled so you can cut close to knots and beads. The moulded plastic handles feature a special grip design, to make them easy and comfortable to handle.

Features: brand new and high quality

  • Stainless steel cutting pliers: tight bite, no slippage / no slippage of the handle, convenient and convenient to use / fine polishing treatment, not easy to rust
    ● Do not use force when working, otherwise it is easy to cause chipping
    ● Non-slip plastic handle cover: It is made of A-grade new plastic, non-slip, comfortable to the for touch, and the new product has a little glue smell
    ● Precision polishing pliers for head design: the blade adopts high-frequency wave heat treatment, and the whole adopts precision forging, with strong anti-rust ability
    ● Return spring, user-friendly design: suitable for one-hand operation, automatic rebound, simple and fast operation● Smooth cutting and for sharp cutting edge: The cutting edge is treated with high temperature and fire, so that the broken line is neat and not procrastinated, and it is easy to cut


  • Black
  • 5″ (12.7 cm)
  • Comfortable handles
  • Opening: 0.75 inch
  • Single leaf spring
  • Rivet joint construction


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