Bioplast and PTFE Treading Tool

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Bioplast and PTFE may need to be threaded before they can be worn.  You can create a thread on the post simply by twisting a threaded ball onto it, but the “professional” way to thread such jewellery is to use a little threading tool. It has a hole in one end which creates a 1.2mm (16g) external thread, and a hole in the other which creates a 1.6mm (14g) external thread.  You simply put the end of the stem of Bioplast into the hole of the size you want and twist it firmly.  This creates a thread on the bar onto which a ball can be screwed.  This means that you can create jewellery of virtually any length you want, although the threads can be a little rough or untidy.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Threading: External 1.2mm on one side; external 1.6mm on the other
  • 2-in-1 tool used to thread 16g–14g (~1.2mm–1.6mm) PTFE body jewelry
  • Knurled grip for easy threading


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