Labret Holding Tweezers

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This is an essential tool to handle labrets, especially in the tragus and other difficult piercing areas.

With the help of these pliers with one slotted and one flat circle tip, you can grasp labrets easily, especially in areas with difficult physiognomy.

This tool has a length of about 4-11/32″ (a bit more than 11 cm), and the diameter of the tips is around 1/4″ (7 mm). One of them has a concave shape, so it can grasp all labret balls. The other one has a little slot, with a thickness of around 3/32″ (2 mm), that will allow grabbing most shafts.

  • Length 120 mm. Surgical Steel. In stock, fast shipping. European company (France). Free return ! Feel free to visit our Amazon Shop for more models.
  • Clamp to maintain labrets piercing when laying them. This labret pliers is ideal for placing a labret in a humid environment (mouth) or in a difficult place, such as tragus. Made of surgical steel, this professional clamp is autoclave sterilizable. The labret pliers Suitable for steel labrets, titanium labrets or Bioflex labrets. One of the sides is split to accommodate the stem of labret , while the other part is rough to better maintain the labret .
  • To screw the elements easily, even of a very small size, we also recommend ball grabber .


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