Body Piercing Jumbo Tapers – 4 Pieces Set

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These large size tapers are designed for stretching large-gauge body piercings. Made of 304 stainless steel, these large tapers can be autoclaved and reused.

  • Tapers are made of Stainless Steel. They can be autoclaved and reused.
  • Each Insertion Taper is 2″ in length
  • Heavy Solid Tappers
  • Autoclave-safe for reuse
  • For stretching large-gauge piercings

You will get 6 Tapers

1/4″ ~ 11 mm
1/2″ ~ 13 mm
5/8″ ~  16 mm
3/4″ ~ 19 mm
7/8″ ~ 22 mm
1″ ~ 25,5 mm

These insertion tapers are not intended for long term wear, but to guide your plug into position. The recess in the top of the taper will hold the plug in place whilst you guide the thin end of the taper into your ear through the length of the barrel until your ear is stretched and plug is in position.


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