Eyelet Insertion Tapers – 16 Pieces Set

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Stainless Steel, fine Polished these Tapers are Perfect for Insertion the Jewelry. These are a perfect way to taper. No chance of the jewelry sliding off during insertion

  • High-polished would not cause any allergic reaction, comfortable to wear, Suit for both men and women
  • Sizes:  2.5mm~10g , 3.0mm~8g , 4.0mm~6g , 5.0mm~4g , 6mm~2g , 7mm~1g , 8mm~0g , 9mm~0.5g , 10mm~00g , 11mm~7/16″ , 12mm , 13mm~1/2″ , 14mm~9/16″
    15mm , 16mm~5/8″ , 17mm~11/16″
  • Unique Sizes
  • Each Taper is 3″ long, top of Taper is 2mm Thinner. This is where you would stick your Eyelets on.
  • Stainless Steel


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