Needle Pusher Long

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110mm Long Needle Pusher – Holder for 1.6mm Needle Stainless Steel, use to help extend your reach of the needle in some tight areas.14g needle end fits through the small hole in the end of the tool.


The needle holder by Pierce Artist is a fantastic piece of kit that no professional piercer should be without. Designed to make your life easier, the needle holder allows you to get a firm grip on the needle blade whilst puncturing the skin. This makes the process a lot easier so that the piercing is accurate and professional. The needle simply fits inside the needle holder like a pen so that you can hold it with ease. Made with the artist in mind and to the highest of standards. The needle holder will not disappoint. To prolong the life of the needle holder you should make sure that you care fir it accordingly. Keep it clean and sterile at all times to prevent cross contamination and handle it with care. This is important for maintain health and safety in the work place. The needle holder is made by Pierce Artist, a company who specialise in the training of piercers. They have a number of course available designed to give the piercer a sound understanding of the industry. Advanced classes are also available for those wanting to learn new skills.


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