Slant Cut Receiving Tubes

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Our slant cut receiving tubes are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel and are completely autoclave safe. They measure 3 inches long and are cut at a 45 degree angle on one end and straight on the other. These top quality receiving tubes come in a variety of sizes and are sold individually

Here is a receiving tube for piercing needles. At times, some piercings can be hard to make, for example, the tragus piercing, in which the needle mustn’t go beyond the new piercing and damage the ear.

The tube has a 45-degree angle on one end and a flat 90-degree on the other end.

Choose from the following measures:

  • 8g (3 mm) outer diameter and 2 mm inner hole
  • 6g (4 mm) outer diameter and 2.7 mm inner hole
  • 4g (5 mm) outer diameter and 3.5 mm inner hole
  • 2g (6 mm) outer diameter and 4.7 mm inner hole
  • 0g (8 mm) outer diameter and 5.8 mm inner hole
  • 00g (10 mm) outer diameter and 8 mm inner hole


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